inzoomen op uiterlijk, seks en cultuur   

Author: Sunny Bergman
Publisher: Nijgh & Van Ditmar
Publish year: 2013
ISBN: 9789038898070
Pages: 379

Actually this book is based on 3 different documentaries:

  • Beperkt houdbaar
  • Sunny side of sex
  • Sletvrees

The part the impressed me the most is ‘Sunny side of sex’. It just demonstrates how indoctrinated we are in our perception of ‘the norm’. Almost every thing we do, without actually realizing it, is a reflection of how our ancestors created our society with all of it values. We fail to realize that other cultures have different values which are not in any way inferieur. Our norm is not absolute.

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Ray on October 7th 2014 in Books

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