Books and information management

Whenever I read an interesting book, a funny feeling creeps in. This feeling can be best described as “Whaaaa I have to remember this phrase or that detail because……”.
The problem is that a really interesting book has many of these details, hence triggering this funny feeling over and over again.

I know you can put markers on the pages such as folding the edges.. but i don’t want to ruin the book, nor do I want to read the whole page again to look for the interesting part.

So what to do…..


Now whenever I start reading a book I make sure the first page is fitted with a dozen mini post-it’s
This enables me to quickly make a note and stick it to the page.
Therefore taking away the anxiety of forgetting pieces of information.

After I’m done reading I collect all the post-its and write down the corresponding page numbers just in case I want to put the phrase or detail into context.

Then I group the post-its and stick it to a black paper… creating a sort of mind-map.

This way I have a quick overview of the most interesting part of the book, how the are connected and a reference to where it originates from.

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