I haven’t much time on programming lately because i am now more involved in processes and how to optimize software development. Now there are a lot of tools on the market that claim to have the perfect solution for almost anything.. but i was looking more into a tool that could help me with creating a proper backlog for the scrum projects.
On of the reasons most tools are crap, is because they are.. but also it does not leave any space to fill out domain specific information on what might be of some interest to the backlog.. until i ran into explainpmt which is open source, easy to use, just enough functionality and so on..

I could have gone for the good old excel/spreadsheet but was not very appealing to me either.

After reading a small review on explainmpt by Jake Dempsey, i was convinced to start using this tool.

Explainpmt is written in ruby.. so immediately i was enthusiastic.. and once more the install on ubuntu went almost smooth-less and the hickups i did encounter were quickly solved by the excellent user documentation on ubuntu or ruby sites…. just great

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