Struts vs. Spring mvc

Last week i was working on a new project which involved using a java mvc framework. I’ve been working with struts mvc for over 2 year now, so i pretty know the ins an outs of this framework. Ofcourse you always have to keep an eye open for new things to arrive and since it is pretty much clear that we were going to use some other features of the spring birds nest , i thought lets use it’s mvc as well. Now this turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. It seems that the things you might hate about struts are actually very easy for use. For example the way struts uses tiles is somewhat verbose but it works. With the spring mvc there is a option to use tiles but the description is about 10 lines of text so a bit fragile to use in a commercial environment. Also the way they created controllers is a bit freaky. In struts you get the whole package, a form, a view, a method(action) based controller. Now with Spring they use a different approach, they have a form, a action, a command and many other controllers. But all you want is to do it all in once. I have to say that i might change my mind, because i’ve only been testing the spring mvc for a small week now……

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