Ubuntu Feisty

Finally Ubuntu (7.04) Feisty came to live. I started to like Ubuntu because it is very easy to use just like it states it is “Linux for human beings”. (Un)fortunately a few days after the release the harddisk of my development machine crashed. This meant i was out of order for a few days to get everything up and running again. The obvious choice for the OS was Ubuntu Feisty.
The installation procedure went as smooth as you could imagine. And for a day i was very happy. But then i wanted to use specific programs and settings which were not so well supported.
For example:
For developing with Ruby i use RadRails. RadRails uses a java virtual machine and is a subset of eclipse IDE. No problem so far. But because i was having some problems with getting RadRails to work together with svn using the javahl i decided to give it a go with eclipse, because also eclipse has some ruby plugins available. I used the apt-get to install eclipse. This installs a new jdk which is then also used by Radrails. This resulted in not beeing able to search in files anymore and every java application went into turtle mode (slow). It seemed it was shipped with java-gcj ?**?? so after half a day trying different things i decided to use the SUN jdk again. I worked, and pretty fast to…
The second problem was configuring apache2 to handle https. For that you need a certificate..Only the script for generating the script was left out of Feisty, meaning that a lot of the tutorials did not apply anymore. After a long search i found a post on this site saying he had an easy solution by using the a file called apache2-ssl.tar.gz… thanx again man….