Kurt Vile – Smoke ring for my halo

Smoke ring for my halo

1. Baby’s Arms
2. Jesus Fever
3. Puppet To The Man
4. On Tour
5. Society Is My Friend
6. Runner Ups
7. In My Time
8. Peeping Tomboy
9. Smoke Ring For My Halo
10. Ghost Town
11. Shell Blues
Kurt Vile - Smoke ring for my halo


Lowlands wishlist

Why not keep a long list of bands I would like to see for Lowlands 2011

  • The killers
  • Editors
  • Dry the river
  • REM
  • Dazzled kid
  • Melissa auf der mauer
  • BRMC
  • Lars Ludvig Löfgren
  • Dropkick Murphys
  • Kurt Vile
  • Dog eat dog 😉

Speaker switch


  • Sony SS-A505
  • Aiwa SX-NAVH8
  • Pioneer S-CR39


  • Jamo S-426 HCS 3

With the Jamo’s I miss the deep mids in music like Siamese Dreams – Smashing Pumpkins…
I am not sure yet what is better.
The old system both the Sony’s and the Aiwa’s were 3-way speakers. (although half of the tweaters died a long time ago)…


Lowlands 2010

Opmerkelijke acts:

Sleepy Sun
Shantel & Buconiva Club
The Soft Pack

Opmerkelijke T-shirts:

Ik zit liever onder de stront dan tussen de kak.

Opmerkelijke diversen:

2 Mannen die hun hoofd in een water gevulde vissekom.
Geen wachtrijen bij de ingang

Wishes for next year:
Avond/nachtprogramma is aan vernieuwing toe…

Gogol Bordello – Trans-Continental Hustle

Trans-Continental Hustle

1. Pala Tute
2. My Companjera
3. Sun Is On My Side
4. Rebellious Love
5. Immigraniada (We Comin’ Rougher)
6. When Universes Collide
7. Uma Menina
8. Raise The Knowledge
9. Last One Goes The Hope
10. To Rise Above
11. In The Meantime In Pernambuco
12. Break The Spell
13. Trans-Continental Hustle


Wolfmother – Cosmic egg

Cosmic egg

1. California Queen
2. 2. New Moon Rising
3. White Feather
4. Sundial
5. In The Morning
6. 10,000 Feet
7. Cosmic Egg
8. Far Away
9. Pilgrim
10. In The Castle
11. Phoenix
12. Violence Of The Sun


fruits for the nation

Feed the herd and fad maiden

Sweet milk is just for you
We can’t hurt the world we can’t
Swim without a bone
I am not yet, I am not dead
I am not yet, I am not dead
And what do you see
And what do you feel
And what do you know – from me
We fill evry single day, we fill evry single day

Deep inside You’re not open
Sleepin’ while contemn that’s rude
Feel the heart is not frozen
And I can’t stand a cold
I am not yet, I am not dead
I am not yet, I am not dead
What do you see?
What do you feel?
And why do you call for me?

We fill ev’ry single day
We fill ev’ry single day
Yeah yeah I’m so yeah yeah blind
Yeah yeah so it rock into my mind
Yeah yeah I’m so yeah yeah blind
Yeah yeah so it rock into my mind
I’ve got to find my way
I’ve got to find my way
I’ve got to find my way

Yeah yeah

Digitech RP-200

Having troubles with your Digitech RP-200 tabbing up and/or down?

The solution is simple..open the back side (don’t worry there ain’t much in there). On the
Printed Circuit Board you’ll find two rubber knobs. The most likely cause of your
problem is the fact that these knobs don’t provide enough support to force back the
PCB. I think this is a construction defect, but nevertheless by adding two small pieces
of rubber to the already excisting pressure points the problem should be
solved. I use Nike anatomical Arch support so anything goes basically….
good luck