TheNextWeb 2010

TheNextWeb 2010 was an amazing experience. Coming from a somewhat more nerdy background and visiting several tech conferences, i found TheNextWeb 2010 to be a nice mixture of elements.
First of all the setting was great.
The conference took place at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam which is an old industrial monument giving it a genuine touch.
There was room for fun, hanging out and each day had an evening program which you could attend and thereby talk to some people that might be interesting to you or interested in you.

Last but not least: the program itself had a nice balance as to the amount of speakers, the amount of presentations etc.etc.

Ahh almost forgot: the food and drinks were well taken care of.

So what where my personal highlights of this event

  • Florie Brizel on Mobilology, the effect of usage of mobile devices on our life’s.
  • Robert Cailliau (co-developer of the World Wide Web) on World (wide web) as sustainable platform
  • Werner Vogels on Amazon cloud solutions


In general I noticed a lot of the startups evolved around integrating multiple communication lines and social platforms into one service. So it looks like a lot of people are having troubles managing these types of media.
Besides the aggregation of social networks and other internet based communication there were a lot of initiatives for sharing and creating new music.

Improvements for next year:

  • more in depth keynotes
  • interactive sessions

Would i go again next year: YES

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