Xtreamer Ultra

Beauty from within


  • Size (A nice small box that will fit anywhere)
  • Performance (check it out!!)
  • Price (Only € 250 .. keep in mind that shipping and VAT is not included)


  • OS (To slow, you’re better of running your own OS or live CD)
  • Quality accessories (One of the keyboard buttons does not work as expected)
  • Manual (Very minimalistic and online documentation looks unprofessional)
  • Looks (A bit of an ugly duck)

Overall I am very pleased with this gadget…
Do read the comments!!!

3 responses to “Xtreamer Ultra”

  1. Ray says:

    Note 1: Be sure to have an updated bios version. I spent one day figuring out why may SSD was not recognized. It is in my opinion that as they ship the hardware this is a minimal requirement.
    More so because the change-log for the latest bios version does not mention any such thing.
    Updating can be done easily. Just mount bois-update.iso to a usb stick and replace the bois file (A188pa04.rom in my case with the A188pa06.rom file). Then edit the update.bat file so it points to the rom you just copied. Boot the ultra with the bootable USB.. and follow the instructions.

  2. Ray says:

    Note 2: I tried installing Ubuntu 11.04. All went fine except I wasn’t able to get the remote to work. This is a known issue… if you’ re keen on the remote.. use ubuntu 10.10 or Ultra OS.

  3. Ray says:

    Note 3: The image of Ultra OS that is available for download is a bit exotic. To reduce space Xtreamer uses zip. However many unzip programs failed to extract the file. Try using 7-Zip.

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