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This is really uncool. Recently i started looking for a nice laptop and of course i don’t want to buy a new one because they are still too expensive. So i checked sites like,, to see if anything was around. It did not take me long to find a nice asus w3j for only 500 euros. The only thing i could think of was “I WANT IT”. So after sending the seller an email i got the reply like:
My name is Brian Coleman and i live in London Uk.The last price for this item is only 499 euro.
The item is new ,in box with 12 months international warranty .
Here is how I want to go about delivery and payment for the product which will be through Chronopost International and will also give you the chance to inspect the product before I receive the payment for it.
I will explain to you step by step how this will work.
A. First you have to send me your shipping information (your name and address).
1. After I receive your shipping info, I’ll go to a Chronopost International Location and leave the product onto your name and with your address as the intended receiver.
2. Chronopost will check the product, also the legal papers to see that everything is OK with it.
B. You will receive a notification from Chronopost as a confirmation that the product is in their custody and also, that the product has been tested.
1.Chronopost International will verify the Money Transfer, and if everything is in order, they will deliver the product to your door step.
2. After you will receive the product and you will be completely satisfied with it, you will instruct Chronopost to release the payment information to me, so I can collect my money.
C. If by any reason, you will not be satisfied with the product, you will return the product to Chronopost with no expense.
I will pay for shipping and you for the amount transfer.
Let me know if we can do this.

So all well.. but i got bit suspicious about the chronopost, and checked if there

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