Sony Tables S removing/corrupting files by itself?

I wanted to move some movies to my sony tablet s and stored them on the internal memory. After a reboot I noticed some movies were gone or had a changed file size. Tried the same routine again ending up with the same results.

So far I have no clue as to why this happens. I did notice that after putting a certain amount of video files in the ‘movies’ folder this wierd behaviour started again.

It seems like the sony tablet s requires to have at least 4.4Gig + of free space…

To be continued..

Middenstand v.s. supermarkt

Al enige tijd erger ik me aan de kwaliteit van de groeten en fruit in de supermarkten. Ergens heb ik het gevoel dat er iets scheef groeit en dat de uitgangspunten die de supermarkt in de jaren 80 heeft geholpen de normale middenstand te beconcurreren, uit het oog zijn verloren.
Daar waar in het begin zowel voorraad, kwaliteit als prijs in het voordeel van de supermarkten was zie ik steeds vaker dat 2 van die pillaren niet meer aanwezig zijn; kwaliteit en voorraad.
Door de grote stunt-acties en de daardoor dalende prijzen worden we nog meer naar de supermarkt gelokt, maar zien daarbij niet dat we de prijs zelf betalen.
Zeker bij de kleinere ‘snel snel’ supermarkt lijkt dit het geval te zijn.

Liever ga ik weer eens naar de groenteman op de hoek die mij lekkere groente en fruit verkoopt en mij adviseert en assisteert.
De prijs…het mag wat mij betreft dan ook wel iets meer kosten.

Service fees

This is a nice example on how-to exploit other people….
I buy 2 tickets for a concert. Unfortunately the concert was cancelled. The website states you can return your tickets and get a refund.
Once I return the tickets I only get the money of the ticket, but not the service fee (ticket service). The service fee is 3,75 euro.
My loss is
a. No concert
b. 7,50 euro.

So I decide to go to a 3 day low budget alternative festival. On the website it states: 35 euro’s presale, 40 at the door. Also available day tickets 15 euro each.
A small calculation tell’s me that it would be better of buying the 35 euro presale tickets.
However even for this the charge 3,75 euro service fee (@ primera).

In total I spend 15 euro on service fees… i might have just as well bought daytickets, given me the flexibility to go or not go on a certain day.

Kwik-fit goedkoop..daarom dus..

13 November 2009 heeft m’n auto weer een grote beurt gehad. Aangezien de prijs bij Kwik-fit aantrekkelijker is dan dezelfde handeling bij de dealer heb ik voor kwik-fit gekozen.
Een van de controlepunten was het oliepeil van de stuurbekrachtiging. Aannemende dat dit ook inderdaad was uitgevoerd, het stond immers netjes afgevinkt op de controlle lijst, verbaaste het me dat bij een controle door mijzelf deze ver beneden pijl was. Om hier zeker van te zijn ben ik naar de dealer gegaan om het nogmaals te laten controleren waarbij mijn bevinding bevestigd werd (en moest 0.25 liter bij).

Verdere inspectie leerde mij dat het vervangen van in de interieur filters slordig was uitgevoerd. De aansluitingen naar de cabine was niet juist bevestigd waarbij er lucht direct vanonder de motorkap de cabine in kon komen. Daarnaast was 1 van de bevestigings-klemmen voor dit onderdeel niet gemonteerd maar lag los onder de motorkap.

Ik vraag me af in hoeverre de andere punten wel correct zijn uitgevoerd…

Update: Na mijn beklag te hebben gedaan bij Kwikfit nederland is contact met mij opgenomen en zijn verontschuldigingen aangeboden. Oorzaak zou communicatie tussen werkplaats en kantoor zijn geweest. Ik zet hier zo mijn vraagtekens bij…

public transportation reaching destination (NL)

The period of being a student seems way back for me. I’ve gotten used to driving a car and not depending on public transportation (pt), but sometimes using pt does have its advantages… like you’re able to have few drinks and still go around. So a week ago i went to a concert which was not in my hometown so i had to use pt for that matter. After the concert i would stay for the night in a small city. We would first go by train and followed by a small trip by bus. Which was supposed to be a trip of 50 minutes turned out to a trip of 1,5 hour. First the train arrived to late. Because the train was late, we missed the bus by a few minutes (nice communication) . So we had to wait outside in the freezing cold. And at that moment i reaaaaaaalllllyyyy missed my car.
I know the government is trying to get everybody to use pt….but be real.. why would i ever want to do that?… it is still not a good alternative…. we’ve got things pretty well worked out in NL, but somehow pt is not part of that…. sweet car
(i drive a toyota starlet)


2 weeks ago this server was hacked. I was unfortunate to have an old version of realvncrunning which made me vulnerable, since the old version contained a bug which could lead to access without using a password.
This machine is a private server, so i don’t check it every day. But on a morning i started to notice a lot of traffic going on, so i decided to check what was the cause. I immediately saw things were bad. Someone logged in on the administrator account and several programs where running which i did not install, like an sms program, live messenger, MSservice.exe and a password (brute force) cracking program.
At that time i had to go to work so i had to shut down the machine (just in case). Later that day i tried to reboot it but that is where things got out of hand. During a disk check i found bad sectors a.o. which i could not fix. So after more than a day trying to fix things, but ending up putting a new install… I want to thank the motherf*ckers for not putting a simple textfile on the the desktop saying “Warning we are hackers, and we entered your machine…please fix the problem….evil grinn”

Nice price

This is really uncool. Recently i started looking for a nice laptop and of course i don’t want to buy a new one because they are still too expensive. So i checked sites like,, to see if anything was around. It did not take me long to find a nice asus w3j for only 500 euros. The only thing i could think of was “I WANT IT”. So after sending the seller an email i got the reply like:
My name is Brian Coleman and i live in London Uk.The last price for this item is only 499 euro.
The item is new ,in box with 12 months international warranty .
Here is how I want to go about delivery and payment for the product which will be through Chronopost International and will also give you the chance to inspect the product before I receive the payment for it.
I will explain to you step by step how this will work.
A. First you have to send me your shipping information (your name and address).
1. After I receive your shipping info, I’ll go to a Chronopost International Location and leave the product onto your name and with your address as the intended receiver.
2. Chronopost will check the product, also the legal papers to see that everything is OK with it.
B. You will receive a notification from Chronopost as a confirmation that the product is in their custody and also, that the product has been tested.
1.Chronopost International will verify the Money Transfer, and if everything is in order, they will deliver the product to your door step.
2. After you will receive the product and you will be completely satisfied with it, you will instruct Chronopost to release the payment information to me, so I can collect my money.
C. If by any reason, you will not be satisfied with the product, you will return the product to Chronopost with no expense.
I will pay for shipping and you for the amount transfer.
Let me know if we can do this.

So all well.. but i got bit suspicious about the chronopost, and checked if there


Jammer jammer… lego (de blokjes bouwer) stopt met de productie van de MindStorms gamma..Terwijl we toch zo hard bezig zijn met marslanders die je dan zo leuk na zou kunnen bouwen..
Nee Lego gaat zich voornamelijk richten op echte vierkante blokjes…


Het moet niet gekker worden, ben je van het roken af, blijk je ineens een
andere verslaving te hebben….66.000 internet verslaafden.. ik mag toch hopen
dat ik tot die categorie behoor.. aan de andere kant het is wel weer uitgevoerd door
een instelling met een 3 letterige afkorting.. het doet je denken…denk.. nou check hun site maar even (weer 5 minuten dichter bij de verslaving)…