public transportation reaching destination (NL)

The period of being a student seems way back for me. I’ve gotten used to driving a car and not depending on public transportation (pt), but sometimes using pt does have its advantages… like you’re able to have few drinks and still go around. So a week ago i went to a concert which was not in my hometown so i had to use pt for that matter. After the concert i would stay for the night in a small city. We would first go by train and followed by a small trip by bus. Which was supposed to be a trip of 50 minutes turned out to a trip of 1,5 hour. First the train arrived to late. Because the train was late, we missed the bus by a few minutes (nice communication) . So we had to wait outside in the freezing cold. And at that moment i reaaaaaaalllllyyyy missed my car.
I know the government is trying to get everybody to use pt….but be real.. why would i ever want to do that?… it is still not a good alternative…. we’ve got things pretty well worked out in NL, but somehow pt is not part of that…. sweet car
(i drive a toyota starlet)

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