Reality distortion field (RDF)

Weird phenomenon how people can become enthusiastic about something so common as the i-pad.

From wikipedia:

"In essence, RDF is the idea that Steve Jobs is able to convince himself and others to believe almost anything with a mix of charm, charisma, bluster, exaggeration, marketing and persistence. RDF is said to distort an audience's sense of proportion or scale. Small advances are applauded as breakthroughs. Interesting developments become turning points, or huge leaps forward. Impossible-seeming schedules, requirements or specifications are acceded to. Snap judgments about technical merits of approaches are sometimes reversed without acknowledgment. Those who use the term RDF contend that it is not an example of outright deception but more a case of warping the powers of judgment. The term "audience" may refer to an individual whose attitudes Steve is intending to affect."

To me the last big technical breakthrough for me came from Sony as they introduced the PS3.

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Ray on January 28th 2010 in Miscellaneous

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