Reality distortion field (RDF)

i-Apple, i-Tunes, i-nothing

Recently I was exposed to the holy grail of mobile smart phones … the i-phone.

At first sight it is too big and does too many things you’re probably not going to use anyway(i use it for professional purposes).
And besides the fact that you really need to have i-tunes, which is not available for any *NIX distro, i ran into another problem.
If you want to use the i-tunes store, you will need a i-apple account. Now i understand that Apple likes to know their customers, but what they are asking is one step to far.
Once you start creating your own i-apple id WHOEHEOEHOE you’re presented with a payment option. To be honest I was not looking to buy anything so why would i need to fill in personal data let alone credit data.
Thankfully there are some workarounds for this problem, but that is only if you start looking for it.

The second problem was activating the damn account. Apple will send you a nice email with a link which should take care of the activation…..NOT……
At first i was confused and thought it might have something to do with their servers that had to synchronize but after a day it seemed a bit unlikely that this was the problem.
On the net there were some suggestions about the missing credit details which would result in a low prio for processing the account. Not much i will do to change that.
So i started experimenting with different browsers like chrome, IE, Safari on the iphone. The last one was not able to process the activation, the second just got javascript errors and finally chrome was able to complete the process.
I was wondering what those guys are thinking???..maybe put some feedback if the process failes… duhhhhh..
So activation works on safari?, chrome but not on FF, IE… maybe they need a reality check.

-To much details asked (isn’t a name and email enough???)
-Credit details asked (i don’t want to buy anything


Jammer jammer… lego (de blokjes bouwer) stopt met de productie van de MindStorms gamma..Terwijl we toch zo hard bezig zijn met marslanders die je dan zo leuk na zou kunnen bouwen..
Nee Lego gaat zich voornamelijk richten op echte vierkante blokjes…