Service fees

This is a nice example on how-to exploit other people….
I buy 2 tickets for a concert. Unfortunately the concert was cancelled. The website states you can return your tickets and get a refund.
Once I return the tickets I only get the money of the ticket, but not the service fee (ticket service). The service fee is 3,75 euro.
My loss is
a. No concert
b. 7,50 euro.

So I decide to go to a 3 day low budget alternative festival. On the website it states: 35 euro’s presale, 40 at the door. Also available day tickets 15 euro each.
A small calculation tell’s me that it would be better of buying the 35 euro presale tickets.
However even for this the charge 3,75 euro service fee (@ primera).

In total I spend 15 euro on service fees… i might have just as well bought daytickets, given me the flexibility to go or not go on a certain day.

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